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Surfing in Maldives

Surfing its one of the most important activity in Maldives.

We can organize your Surfing Trip, since from accommodation specialized in Surfing, Guest houses or Resorts/Safari boats with surf trips included, 

Get in contact for a quotation

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+55 13 99756-9494

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A guest house its the cheapest way to stay in Maldives for a surfing Holliday.

You will be able to Surf waves such as Cokes, Chickens, Ninjas, Sultans, Honkies, Jailbreks, Furana...all located at north male atoll, the most consistent waves in Maldives.

We recommend a guest house specialized in surfing, with surf trips by boat, surf coach, surf classes, guided trips, surf photography and western and healthy meals:


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